There is nothing like a peaceful neighborhood. Friendly neighbors wave when you arrive home. Warm spring evenings are spent on the patio in conversation with friends from across the way. The lifestyle is comforting and engaging. Beehive Cottages believes that this is how living in the golden years of your life should be — not living in a place that feels like an institution, a typical assisted living facility or even a hotel. Where you live should feel like home, even if you want the security of assistance on call and help with some of the more difficult tasks of housekeeping.

Independent Living is how Beehive Cottages describes itself. You don't have to sacrifice your privacy or dignity to receive assistance on occasion. You can have home-style cooked meals, a place for your hobbies, and fun and friendly neighbors. Live like you've always lived; in a place that feels like home.

Located in southwest part of St. George, Utah, Beehive Cottages provides Senior Living at its best.