Meet Our Cottages Family

Cottages Family

Bruce & Jean Burton

Bruce & Jean Burton’s large home in St. George had become overwhelming for them to maintain, so they decided to downsize and move to the Cottages where they could continue to live in their own individual home and not have to worry about the responsibility of caring for a home & property. This freed up a lot of time for Bruce to focus on his passion for painting in Watercolors, his one-of-a-kind Christmas Cards have become a favorite of all of our Residents.

Bruce & Jean love to go to all the local Musical Theater productions & Concerts with our group, and Bruce never misses a chance to participate in our BINGO gamedays. Our built-in large flat screen TV’s come in handy for both Bruce & Jean since they are avid Utah Jazz fans and spend endless nights rooting for their team! They just celebrated their 65 Wedding Anniversary with us at the Cottages living long into their Golden Years!

Cottages Family

Dorothy Nyquist

Dorothy Nyquist joined our Cottages Family over 9 years ago after a few small vehicle mishaps prompted her family to request that she no longer drive her car. Dorothy now adores having a personal chauffeur here at the Cottages, and we drive her on a daily basis to her favorite shopping destinations, her medical appointments, to her beloved Church services, as well as her favorite Beauty Salon for pedicures. Dorothy loves the idea that active independence is the foundation of the Cottages. 

She cherishes the notion that she lives where she can maintain her normal active lifestyle & freedom while enjoying an array of different amenities and socialization. Our dining room and Community Center quickly became one of Dorothy’s favorite hang-outs shortly after moving into the Cottages, not only for the ability to become friends with all her neighbors but also for the Five Star Quality chef-prepared meals. Dorothy loves ordering a Sample Platter at every meal to taste all of the wonderful food prepared by our Chefs.

Cottages Family

Marilyn Carney

Marilyn Carney came to the Cottages for help as her husband Gene’s health had started to decline. Marilyn decided that she could not continue to take care of a home, cook & clean every day, and take care of Gene who required her constant attention. Also, Marilyn & Gene had decided that they would not move anywhere that required them to leave their precious dog behind. The Cottages was the perfect match for all of their needs, especially since our caring staff takes care of all the “chores” of cooking meals, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and taking care of the maintenance of a home. But the best part for Marilyn & Gene was that the Cottages is truly a pet-friendly Community with fenced-in backyards & our own dog park located conveniently close to all the Cottages. Gene has since passed away, however, Marilyn still has her wonderful companion Mikey at her side! Marilyn walks Mikey down our private street without having to worry about either of their safety. During the most recent uncertain times, Marilyn said it is so reassuring to know that she is living in a community where the entire team is looking out for her best interests and taking care of her every need.