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Senior Independent Living

in a Residential Setting

St. George, Utah

Stop by and see why our independent living community is a great place to live.

Amenities and Luxuries

Weʼre the most pet-friendly senior community in town.

Approved pets are welcome to stay with you in your private cottage. Many of the cottages have fenced backyards where both pets and their owners love to play.

Always feel safe and secure.

We offer 24-hour emergency response and community wide surveillance cameras. Each unit is fully equipped with an emergency call system and fire protection sprinklers. Our units are fire rated and also sound resistant for your comfort.

We offer a wide variety of activities for all of our residents.

We know that staying busy is important for improving mental health and happiness; thatʼs why we encourage participating in activities! A full calendar of social and recreational programs gives residents many opportunities to participate in activities and develop friendships. We also welcome your ideas for other interesting events.

Have a vehicle or not, no problem!

Each home has a large attached garage for convenient and secure parking. However, many of our residents have discovered how safe and convenient it is to be chauffeured by our friendly staff.

Never go hungry with our “Available All Day” menu, served from 7 AM - 7 PM

At Beehive Cottages, we pride ourselves on offering meals prepared from scratch with fresh and wholesome ingredients. Our chefs love to create flavorful and nutritious menus with selections for you to choose from.

Never clean your own home by yourself.

Our capable staff performs weekly housekeeping services, which include: dusting, mopping, bathroom sanitation, vacuuming, and laundering your linens.

Nearly Everything is Included!

We will provide just about everything youʼll need, and our cozy cottages have room for all your valuables.

Most of our residents find that they spend less living in our community than it costs to maintain their own homes and cars.

Download our brochure to see everything included and learn more about our housing.



My mother lived here at the Cottages for MANY years... and absolutely LOVED it! (9.5 years!) She wisely moved out of her 3200 sq. ft. home when it was just getting too much for her... and while she was still young enough to safely drive (age 82) and the transition as she aged to needing a little more help went so smoothly! The last 4 months of her life (age 92) she needed more care and moved into the Beehive Assisted Living home... they were incredible at giving her the love and attention she needed and she passed away in so much peace! I could never ask for more for the last 10 years of her life! Thank you to EVERYONE who showed her Soooooo much love and friendship and caring!

Nancy Wolf August 8, 2022

My husband's parents were in an Independent Living in Orem UT many years ago before passing away, which was a good experience for all of us. So, when my Mother was in need of finding a similar place in St. George, UT we were excited to find the Beehive Homes that turned out to be the perfect place for her. She stayed for over 9 years, and passed during the COVID period. Mary, the Manager at The Beehive Homes was amazing and all considered all the tenants as her own kids! She took great care of each of them.

Janet Weese August 5, 2022

I recently drove by this great Beehive neighborhood and felt a rush of gratitude for the community experience my dear grandmother had while living here for her final decade of life. The staff, the safe layout, the food and neighborhood greatly increased her quality of life. My best memories were the many lunches my family and I would join and experience with her. Thank you Beehive team!!

Scott Julian August 5, 2022

Both of my grandmas resided in the Beehive Cottages. One loved to socialize and the other liked having her independence and loved the size especially with all the amenities she needed/wanted in a home. We often ate with them on occasion in the dining room and the food was really good! When one of my grandmas ended up having dementia, the transition to the Assisted living home next door was done so she didn't have too much disruption or confusion, as can happen. The my other grandma, years later, eventually needed more care and chose one of the other Beehive homes in St George. At the cottages, the staff made sure they cleaned their homes often, help with errands, had activities there as well as field trips. They had a wide variety of things to do for all personalities. They worked with our family to make the experience the best and they are always on site if something was needed. I highly recommend Beehive Cottages for those not ready for assisted living, but needing friends, healthy meals and peace of mind if something were to happen.

Amy Bowler August 5, 2022

Beehive Cottages took such good care of our grandmother for years before she finally passed. I'll miss joining her for lunches!

Scott Bowler August 5, 2022

My grandma LOVED this place! She loved the friends she made and the staff. She always raved about how amazing everyone was. I visited and found the staff to be very caring and was impressed with how well they actually KNEW the residents! They had a lot of things planned for entertainment and the residents loved that as well. It was always very clean and felt welcoming. Definitely recommend for your loved ones!

Kristina H August 4, 2022

My mom stayed there for a few years before having a stroke and having to move to assisted living (also on the same street so she could continue to see her "cottage" friends). While in the cottages, she was very happy, toodling to the rec/eating center on her scooter. She could be a bit cantankerous at times, but the staff always listened and tried to meet her concerns. We were able to visit and even eat there. The food was (is?) great with something for everyone. On off days, they even delivered it to her cottage. She wasn't as social as some others there, so she missed out on lots of activities, but she did enjoy eating with her friends. We also lived nearby so she didn't need the transportation that was provided, but we were impressed with how they helped others get where they needed to. Residents can have their own cars with a garage, although many don't. She did like to sit on her porch and observe people coming and going. And her second bedroom/room allowed her to continue her indexing (see photo) and other projects. Housekeeping kept her place spic-n-span and the yard folks keep the street beautiful. On holidays, it's fun to see the American flags flying up and down the street. I have to second all the wonderful comments about Mary, the manager. She's awesome in caring about and for the residents. It takes a special person to do all that she does, and she is! Mom had tried some other places and arrangements before Beehive, and she and we agree this was the best for her. I'm not there yet, but when I need to seriously downsize, Beehive will be on the top of my list for places to live.

Read Gilgen August 4, 2022

My grandmother lived at beehive cottages! She absolutely loved the social activities and loved the yummy food and entertainment! The staff was very kind and attentive! Such a fantastic community! Highly recommend!

Julianne Szymanski August 4, 2022

My grandfather lived here for awhile.... seemed like a great well-cared for place. Met the director(?), Mary, after moving my grandfather out and I actually believe she seemed to care about the residents, know about them. Out of what I know, they seem to have a great approach and would recommend to anyone in need of such assistance/care. Wish them all the best.

Ryan Moss May 19, 2022
On Site

I love living here at the Cottages.

I love living here at the Cottages. I lived here for several years with my husband, then after he passed the kids insisted move to CA. I missed my home here at the Cottages and returned. This is one of the few places that allowed me to bring my dog. This is extremely important to me as he keeps me company and I cannot imagine having to leave him behind. Some things I love about living here are the camaraderie, food, friendly staff and neighbors, along with the quiet environment. I feel safe and love the convenience of having someone here to take me to my doctor's appointments when needed. The cottage is the perfect size for me and is very affordable.

Marilyn Carney
Marilyn Carney March 8, 2022
On Site

Beehive Cottages is the Place for Me

In life we look for a place that fits and meets our needs. Beehive Cottages is this place for me. am a retired nurse and when it came time to move from Sun River to somewhere I could still be independent, Beehive Cottages was the place for me. Due to being a RN, I come from more of a clinical point of view. I love the fact that each cottage has a front and back door both with porches/patio. I have my own little house with no elevator and no stairs or long hallways. I love that this is my home and not just a room or small apartment in some much larger organization. I spend my days reading or doing puzzles in the community center. Until my legs gave out I enjoyed going on the outings, but now I take advantage of the entertainment that is offered in the community center. The meals are amazing, the staff is amazing, and the owners are here every week to make sure that all of our needs are being met.
I love both the employees and the residents. Everyone is so kind here.

Helen Hansen
Helen Hansen August 12, 2021

I love the good people who work here and the attentive personal service that was given while I was at the Cottages. The residents are friendly and fun to be around.... Amazing place!

On Site

The cottage is the perfect size for me.

I live here at the Cottages with my dog Louie. I have been here since February of this year and absolutely love it! The cottage is the perfect size for me. I obviously had to downsize, but I have all my favorite pictures on the walls, my own furniture and most importantly have my own space and can be independent. There is even a dog park here for Louie to get out and play with his friends too. My kids are happy they don't have to worry about me, they know I'm safe and taken care of here. This allows them to live their own life while I live mine. I love that they have a hairdresser that comes in and does our hair, I can also schedule the groomer to stop in and take care of Louie's hair as well. All of our needs are met here at the cottages, Louie and I couldn't be happier.

Jeanette Slack
Jeanette Slack August 5, 2021

My mother and mother—in-law both lived here! It was wonderful. They had their own little home, socialized at meals (fabulous chefs) in the community center, had planned activities there, bus to transport them to other activities (concerts, the gym 3x a week!), and more. Kept them involved, healthy and easily watched over while remaining independent.

Miriam Steurer July 21, 2021

I never leave reviews, but after visiting Beehive Cottages I felt the need to share my experience. I just took my mom and stepdad on a tour with Mary, the administrator at Beehive Cottages. We were so impressed with the grounds. When you first drive in there are beautiful flowers everywhere and residents were sitting outside their cottages enjoying the beautiful day. Mary was so welcoming and made my parents feel like they were long lost friends. I was so nervous about the prospect of having my parents give up their independence and move to a community only to quickly realize that the Cottages will be their home and they will still be independent. As we were on our tour my mom who loves to talk spoke with several of the residents and found them all to be happy and still wildly active not only in the Beehive community but they are still able to drive and be as independent as they'd like. I cannot wait to have my parents move in and become part of a great community where I know they will be safe and cared for. Mom has already made a friend for dad to sit all day and drink coffee with. Thank you Beehive for taking a stressful situation and making it an easy transition.

Tracy Bertelsen May 29, 2021

I have not lived in Beehive Cottages or had someone from my family live there, but I know some of the residents and from what they have told me they love living thee. This past year was really hard but my sisters and I were allowed to walk down the street singing to the residents several time to try to lift their spirits. If you see a bad review, remember, it may be sour grapes. Do your own investigation and talk to residents there. No place is perfect, but I know the director, Mary, and I know how hard she works to make sure the residents are safe, healthy and as happy as she can help them be.

Rusty Taylor May 28, 2021

I have been singing at Beehive Cottages for years. We always are there as lunch is ending. The food looks and smells delicious, the staff is very welcoming, the areas are clean, and Mary Cregg goes above and beyond day or night for all of the residents in her care! I love singing there with my sisters. Covid has been a challenging time where so many feel isolated - so Mary let us stroll the streets outside to sing to everyone. We made it work and hopefully brought some smiles. I enjoy visiting the residents when we sing, and from what I have experienced over the years, I would not hesitate living there or having a family member there. It’s a great facility! A++++

Samara Merrill May 23, 2021

Beehive Cottages is such an amazing place for people who want a friendly, caring, active environment when they are getting on in years. I have worked there and also myself & my sisters go there to entertain the residents. The food is amazing, I love that they have their independence, but also a community spirit so they are not alone. There are activities, entertainment, they are taken to doctors appointments, shopping, really anything you could want. The staff is always amazing and the manager, Mary Sanders, goes above & beyond to make sure the residents are taken good care of and are happy living there. I cherish the friendships I have made with the residents there. I hope I can be in such a place when I get older !

phroglady17 May 23, 2021

I am a current employee of BeeHive cottages. I have been a Sous Chef here for about 9 months. The management here is amazing, and the staff is friendly and so easy to work with. Our residents are like family to us. I hope to have a long career here.

Justin Baker May 23, 2021

This is a wonderful place for anyone that wants the feel of family and friends around them. I have volunteered here several times over the past five years only to envy how well the residents are treated. Mary the administrator cares for the residents, takes them to appointments, sits and visits with them and even adopted a dog for a resident that needed a companion. There are daily activities for the residents as well as daily bus trips to local businesses and sites. I already have a room reserved for me when my time comes. 😊

Tracy Baker May 23, 2021
On Site

I feel safe and well taken care of.

I have been at the Beehive Cottages for four and a half years. I came here with my husband until he needed to go to a memory care center. The staff at Bee Hive Cottages did so much to help me manage while my husband was here. I love to spend time on my front porch. I feel safe and well taken care of. I also have to mention that we can have our meals delivered to our homes at no extra charge.

Dody Jones
Dody Jones May 17, 2021
On Site

I'm fed absolutely wonderful food and well taken care of.

I have been living at the Bee Hive for 4 years. They recently allowed me to move to a cottage right across from the dining room. I was at the end of the street and they got me all moved within a few hours and now I am able to walk across the street to eat my meals again. This is a small example of the wonderful care that I receive here. My independence is very important to me. I have my own place here, but have a helping hand just a phone call away. BeeHive takes us to great places and we have a lot of different choices when it comes to entertainment. There is always something going on, just depends on how involved you want to be. I love the housekeeping staff, I don't have to worry about anything. I'm fed absolutely wonderful food and well taken care of.

Jean Ohr
Jean Ohr June 20, 2020
On Site

I love the care from the whole staff.

I love the care from the whole staff. The bus trips around town and Southern Utah are my favorite. They always have something planned for our entertainment. The food is delicious, and we're always given a choice for what we'd like to eat. I love that I can juggle around items from the menu to guarantee that my meals are just the way I want them. Our administrator, Mary, is very watchful of us and takes care of all our needs.

Kathleen Wintch
Kathleen Wintch February 28, 2019

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Donʼt hesitate to contact us! We will gladly help answer all of your questions and show you why Beehive Cottages is the best independent living community in St. George.