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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of living arrangements are available?

A: At The Cottages you can choose between a Deluxe 1 bedroom unit or a 2 bedroom unit. All Cottages have a garage and private entrance with a lovely front porch. Each Cottage has a backyard living space, many of which are fenced.

Q: Are The Cottages pet-friendly?

A: Yes, The Cottages welcome your pets. We have a wonderful neighborhood for walking dogs and a dog park just for our residents to enjoy.

Q: What level of care is provided?

A: At The Cottages for Independent Living, we respect your privacy. We have administrative staff on-site around the clock for anything that needs attention.

Q: How are medical emergencies handled?

A: The Cottages offer an emergency alert button which is connected to our staff. When this button is pushed a staff member will arrive at the home within minuteser245. Is there 24-hour staff available?

Q: Are meals provided, and can they accommodate dietary restrictions?

A: All meals are included in the monthly fee. The Cottages employ experienced chefs who prepare delicious gourmet meals and accommodate the dietary restrictions of individuals who require a special diet.

Q: What social and recreational activities are offered?

A: At The Cottages we encourage all of our residents to join us in our monthly activities. Residents take part in planning the monthly activity calendar ensuring there are activities that are appealing to all residents. We go to movies, shopping, out to lunch, on picnics, take scenic drives, trips to Zion, concerts, out for ice cream, and more!

Q: How does the facility ensure resident safety?

A: Residents at The Cottages are checked on a few times each day to ensure they are well and able to care for themselves. With our emergency alert system, residents can push their buttons for emergencies.

Q: Is transportation available for appointments or shopping?

A: The Cottages are happy to take the residents to doctor appointments and we have a large van we use to get us to our scheduled weekly shopping trips.

Q: Can residents decorate their own cottages?

A: Yes! The Cottages want all of their residents to make their home feel like home. Bring your own furniture and feel free to hang pictures and curtains if you like.

Q: Are family members allowed to visit?

A: The Cottages are an Independent Living Community. This allows the residents to make their own decisions regarding who their guests are and when they visit.

Q: What is the process for becoming a resident?

A: Call The Cottages and we can walk you, step by step, through the simple process.

Q: How does the billing and payment system work?

A: Residents are sent a statement monthly and are welcome to drop off a check at the administrative office or have their payment issued via direct deposit.

Q:  Are there any additional fees beyond the monthly rate?

A: There are no add-on fees EVER. Our modest monthly fee includes the usual things you need to enjoy your private home while preserving your privacy and dignity. Your cottage comes with cable TV and all your utility costs are included in the monthly fee. For those who no longer drive we provide transportation to medical appointments and planned activities. (Those who do still drive have an attached garage to park their car in.) Our housekeepers clean your cottage weekly and assist with your laundry and changing your bed linens. Our chefs prepare delicious meals which are served in our dining room where you can enjoy conversations with your neighbors. For those who would rather eat at home, we provide delivery of all meals at no extra charge. Our landscapers keep the lawns, bushes, and flower beds looking beautiful year-round while our extermination company keeps your cottage free of pests.

Q:  How does the community handle maintenance and repairs?

A: Continual ongoing maintenance of our facilities happens daily. When additional problems come up they are promptly taken care of by our staff and/or professional service providers.

Q: Is there an on-site medical staff?

A: The Cottages are an Independent Living Community and while we do not provide on-site medical care we do provide transportation to Urgent Care, the Hospital, and doctor appointments. We have an on-site staff member who is available for emergencies and able to quickly get to any Cottage within minutes when an emergency arises.

Q: How do family members get in touch with staff?

A: Family members are welcome to call the Administrators, with their inquiries and questions, at any time.

Q: What is the resident-to-staff ratio?

A: Our beautiful community consists of 34 cottages. We employ a staff of 14 amazing individuals who love and respect the residents of our community.

Q: How does the community support resident independence and privacy?

A: The great thing about The Cottages is that we are in an Independent Living community. We are here for support when it is requested.