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Meet Our Family

Elderly couple celebrating 92nd anniversary with cake.

Our Beehive Family: The Heart of Senior Independent Living

Bruce and Jean Burton

After Bruce and Jean Burtonʼs large home in St. George became challenging to maintain, they downsized and moved into the Cottages, where they could still live in their own homes without worrying about caring for a house and property.

Bruce devotes the free time he now has to his passion for watercolor painting. Our residents love his one- of-a-kind Christmas cards.

Bruce & Jean take advantage of all the activities in the community. They attend all the local Musical Theater productions & Concerts with our group, and Bruce never misses a chance to play BINGO on our game days. They are avid Utah Jazz fans and spend endless nights rooting for their team, thanks to our built-in large flat-screen TVs. Recently, we celebrated their 65 Wedding Anniversary with them at the Cottages!

Family posing with smiles in a living room.

Dorothy Nyquist

Dorothy has been a member of our Cottages Family for 9 years. She adores the fact that she has a personal chauffeur at the Cottages that drives her daily to her favorite shopping destinations, medical appointments, and church services, as well as her favorite beauty salon for pedicures.

She cherishes living in a residence that allows her to maintain her active lifestyle and freedom while enjoying a wide range of amenities and socialization opportunities.

Dorothy enjoys spending time in our dining room and community center because the chef-prepared meals are delicious, and she loves spending time with her neighbors and new friends.

Smiling senior woman holding a small dog.

Marilyn Carney

Marilyn Carney came to the Cottages for help as her husband Geneʼs health had started to decline. Marilyn decided that she could not continue to take care of a home, cook & clean every day, and take care of Gene who required her constant attention. Also, Marilyn & Gene had decided that they would not move anywhere that required them to leave their precious dog behind. The Cottages were the perfect match for all of their needs, especially since our caring staff takes care of all the “chores” of cooking meals, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and taking care of the maintenance of a home. But the best part for Marilyn & Gene
was that the Cottages is truly a pet-friendly Community with fenced-in back- yards & our own dog park located conveniently close to all the Cottages. Gene has since passed away, however, Marilyn still has her wonderful companion Mikey at her side! Marilyn walks Mikey down our private street without having to worry about either of their safety. During the most recent uncertain times, Marilyn said it is so reassuring to know that she is living in a community where the entire team is looking out for her best interests and taking care of her every need.


On Site

I love living here at the Cottages.

I love living here at the Cottages. I lived here for several years with my husband, then after he passed the kids insisted move to CA. I missed my home here at the Cottages and returned. This is one of the few places that allowed me to bring my dog. This is extremely important to me as he keeps me company and I cannot imagine having to leave him behind. Some things I love about living here are the camaraderie, food, friendly staff and neighbors, along with the quiet environment. I feel safe and love the convenience of having someone here to take me to my doctor's appointments when needed. The cottage is the perfect size for me and is very affordable.

Marilyn Carney
Marilyn Carney March 8, 2022
On Site

Beehive Cottages is the Place for Me

In life we look for a place that fits and meets our needs. Beehive Cottages is this place for me. am a retired nurse and when it came time to move from Sun River to somewhere I could still be independent, Beehive Cottages was the place for me. Due to being a RN, I come from more of a clinical point of view. I love the fact that each cottage has a front and back door both with porches/patio. I have my own little house with no elevator and no stairs or long hallways. I love that this is my home and not just a room or small apartment in some much larger organization. I spend my days reading or doing puzzles in the community center. Until my legs gave out I enjoyed going on the outings, but now I take advantage of the entertainment that is offered in the community center. The meals are amazing, the staff is amazing, and the owners are here every week to make sure that all of our needs are being met.
I love both the employees and the residents. Everyone is so kind here.

Helen Hansen
Helen Hansen August 12, 2021
On Site

The cottage is the perfect size for me.

I live here at the Cottages with my dog Louie. I have been here since February of this year and absolutely love it! The cottage is the perfect size for me. I obviously had to downsize, but I have all my favorite pictures on the walls, my own furniture and most importantly have my own space and can be independent. There is even a dog park here for Louie to get out and play with his friends too. My kids are happy they don't have to worry about me, they know I'm safe and taken care of here. This allows them to live their own life while I live mine. I love that they have a hairdresser that comes in and does our hair, I can also schedule the groomer to stop in and take care of Louie's hair as well. All of our needs are met here at the cottages, Louie and I couldn't be happier.

Jeanette Slack
Jeanette Slack August 5, 2021
On Site

I feel safe and well taken care of.

I have been at the Beehive Cottages for four and a half years. I came here with my husband until he needed to go to a memory care center. The staff at Bee Hive Cottages did so much to help me manage while my husband was here. I love to spend time on my front porch. I feel safe and well taken care of. I also have to mention that we can have our meals delivered to our homes at no extra charge.

Dody Jones
Dody Jones May 17, 2021
On Site

I'm fed absolutely wonderful food and well taken care of.

I have been living at the Bee Hive for 4 years. They recently allowed me to move to a cottage right across from the dining room. I was at the end of the street and they got me all moved within a few hours and now I am able to walk across the street to eat my meals again. This is a small example of the wonderful care that I receive here. My independence is very important to me. I have my own place here, but have a helping hand just a phone call away. BeeHive takes us to great places and we have a lot of different choices when it comes to entertainment. There is always something going on, just depends on how involved you want to be. I love the housekeeping staff, I don't have to worry about anything. I'm fed absolutely wonderful food and well taken care of.

Jean Ohr
Jean Ohr June 20, 2020
On Site

I love the care from the whole staff.

I love the care from the whole staff. The bus trips around town and Southern Utah are my favorite. They always have something planned for our entertainment. The food is delicious, and we're always given a choice for what we'd like to eat. I love that I can juggle around items from the menu to guarantee that my meals are just the way I want them. Our administrator, Mary, is very watchful of us and takes care of all our needs.

Kathleen Wintch
Kathleen Wintch February 28, 2019