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My mother is in BeeHive Cottages. The place is open and homey. It's a very nice and clean place with a very friendly atmosphere. She enjoys the staff immensely. The owner works in the community and did everything they can to make us comfortable and responded immediately to any request we had. It's a really good community and my mother enjoys the activities they had. They provide all home-cooked meals to the residents.


BeeHive Cottages was very nice; I really like it. The working attitude of the staff was excellent. They had a big calendar with all kinds of events on it; they had a gym membership, and they also had the bicycle and a treadmill right on the premises. They went to the movies, and went shopping; the bus took them everywhere. They have a separate dining room, and the food sounded excellent. They have little separate cottages -- one and two bedroom cottages -- and there was a garage connected if you wanted to drive. But you didn’t have to because this bus took everybody everywhere they wanted to go. The location is kind of a secluded area. It was a block long little cottage, and at the end of a block was an assisted living place that actually you could live in.


I moved into BeeHive Cottages. It is independent living, but they serve three meals a day. When my sink gets plugged up, I just call the manager, then she sends somebody up; she is really cool. The staff makes it a point of learning everybody's name, right from the minute you move in. It's embarrassing because they all wear masks, and I can't keep them straight. The staff is extraordinary, and they would just go out of their way to do anything for you. Last night I was reading, and I didn't look up the time to go to the cafeteria for dinner. One of the young men came and unlocked my door because the assumption here is if you can't make it to dinner, you must be lying helplessly somewhere. He checked on me to make sure I was OK, and they are really good that way. The apartment is very clean, it's very simple, and there is adequate sunlight in every room, and I don't know how'd they do that. The apartments are spaced apart, so you are not right up against somebody else. There's a garage between me and my neighbors. They have a bus that takes us to the grocery store, and up to things that are happening in some of the event centers around town. You can get on the bus, sign up for a trip. They go out to Zion National Park, and they go everywhere. The food has a lot of variety. I don't go to a lot of the activities because I have a lot to take care of with my house, but they have a lot of things going on, and it seems a lot of people sign up.