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Seniors & Loneliness – Strategies for Connection and Well-being

Man exercising on recumbent stationary bike.

For many seniors living alone is preferable, but living alone can have its drawbacks and challenges as well. Loneliness is one of the biggest drawbacks, particularly when it comes to lack of shared mealtime experiences. Who likes to eat alone? The answer is Nobody. Meals are not just a method of sustenance but also a social outlet for most. As we grow, it is how we come together as families and friends. When a person is isolated from that opportunity it can lead to poor nutritional health & emotional well-being. Often times, families & friends just don’t have the time to share meals with seniors.

It’s a wonderful concept & we’ve all heard someone proudly say “My mother is 88 and still living on her own”. But the reality is that this concept has created a growing population of lonely, isolated seniors. We prize independence but at what price? Studies have shown that lack of social relationships can be as harmful to your health as smoking.

My parent’s generation held an opinion of life that as they aged, they moved to “The Home”. The Home (a nursing home) was where the “crazy people” lived. Times have changed considerably since my parents have passed. Nowadays, there are many choices that did not exist in their lifetime. One of those choices is the popular The Cottages Independent Living by Beehive, the newest innovation in Senior Retirement Living. We are the only Senior Living option in St. George that offers individual homes within a community atmosphere instead of a facility type environment with several apartments all under one roof that is all-inclusive prices with no add-ons.

I believe that the very essence of The Cottages offers our seniors the chance to maintain the independence that they desire so deeply; while at the same time providing access to new relationships and social involvement resulting in a better quality of life. As we all age, we can still have the opportunity to make new friends, develop new interests, and discover a new, rewarding chapter in our life.